Product development

At the actual store, a customer asked, “Does this weed killer contain agricultural chemicals? I can’t use such a product because I live with a dog.”
In response to that, we worked by trial and error to create a safe weeding liquid using food ingredients, and finally succeeded in developing a weeding liquid made from vinegar, which has become a hit product. This is just an example. We think a great deal of opinions from “actual users” and reflect their needs into product planning and development.

TOYOCHU products (Our original products)

Strong support for OEM through our original products

At present, TOYOCHU's Business Division produces dozens of original products. By all means, please make use of our accumulated know-how and automated manufacturing lines for your private brands (hereafter referred to as "PB") or original products. We can handle even small lots.

As we always enhance the network with various industries and fellow traders to collect more accurate needs, we can give total support from product planning to production and PR even for customers who are considering OEM/PB for the first time.

Abundance of materials

We always have raw materials available to support various products such as soil conditioners, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, and vitalizing agents.

Data assets

We have plenty of know-how including product data and formulas cultivated through our TOYOCHU products.


We collect accurate needs from diversified information through a network with different industries and fellow traders.

Flexible support

We provide all things required for commercialization as a one-stop service. We can also support small lot production.

Delivery flow

Product planning

We propose an optimum plan for your demand, based on our abundant material and product data.

Sample creation and component analysis

We make samples, perform experiments and analyses, and then finalize specifications.


We manufacture products mainly in our own plant, and can even store them in our distribution center.